Protected Lands

Conservation is our mission

The McKenzie River Trust protects and cares for special lands and the rivers that flow through them in western Oregon. We are committed to a future in which intact, functioning ecosystems provide clean water, abundant fish and wildlife, and productive natural landscapes throughout western Oregon.

As a regional land trust, we work all the way from the Cascade mountains to the Oregon coast, protecting western Oregon’s iconic landscapes. From the rolling cascade foothills to the McKenzie watershed’s rugged streams and forests, rivers full of salmon, rich Willamette Valley farmland and the tides of the Siuslaw estuary, we’re working hard to protect special lands for fish, wildlife, and people in our region.

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Thanks to the support of people like you, we’ve protected more than 4,000 acres of special lands in western Oregon.

How We Do It

As a land trust, we offer several tools to help willing landowners protect their land. We work together to choose a protection strategy that meets their conservation goals and financial needs and that is consistent with our mission.

MRT may acquire title to a property through land donation, purchase land from the landowner, or hold certain rights to a property through a voluntary conservation easement. No matter how the land is protected, the McKenzie River Trust takes on the responsibility of ensuring that the land and its conservation values will be protected forever.