About Us

Our Vision

Clean, free-flowing rivers. Plentiful salmon runs. Vibrant farms and forests that provide livelihoods and habitat. From the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, we envision a future in which conservation lands are at the core of community efforts to sustain clean water, abundant fish and wildlife, and diverse natural resource economies in western Oregon.

Our Mission

McKenzie River Trust helps people protect and care for the lands and rivers they cherish in western Oregon.

  • Protecting special lands. The McKenzie River Trust acquires property interests in land with clear public benefits to ensure that those values will be available to people for many generations.
  • Restoring natural systems. The Trust works to enhance and reestablish the native vegetation, water cycles and other functional ecosystem elements appropriate to the places we protect.
  • Connecting people to places they care about. The Trust provides site tours, education events, demonstration and research sites, and information about the projects it manages to encourage public support for conservation efforts throughout the region.

Watch a 3 minute video about our work protecting special lands in western Oregon:

The McKenzie River Trust is a nonprofit land trust formed in 1989 to protect critical habitat and scenic lands in the McKenzie basin. In the year 2000, we expanded our service area to include the watersheds of the Long Tom, Upper Willamette, Coast and Middle Forks of the Willamette, Umpqua, Siuslaw, and coastal streams and lakes from Reedsport to Yachats.

Throughout our history, the McKenzie River Trust has worked with landowners and diverse partnerships to protect, forever, nearly 5,000 acres of special lands in western Oregon.

The McKenzie River Trust acquires land through donation, purchase and conservation easements to provide the greatest assurance that sensitive lands are protected in perpetuity.

The Trust currently owns and protects over 2,200 acres in western Oregon. These lands are protected and managed by the Trust for clean water, fish and wildlife habitat, and productive natural landscapes. The Trust also holds conservation easements on over 2,300 acres of privately owned property. Conservation easements are tailored to each landowner’s needs, rewarding stewardship of natural resources with both protection and financial incentives.

View a map of our protected properties.

Our federal tax ID number is: 93-1029808