Special Lands Steward Training, Saturday May 18th

Sat 05/18/2019

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

McKenzie River Trust


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Special Lands Stewards adopt a property program

Join our team of conservation enthusiasts through our adopt a property program. You’ll learn new skills, make new friends and contribute to a core of community efforts to sustain clean water, abundant fish and wildlife, and diverse natural resources!

One of the McKenzie River Trust’s key tools to protect land is to purchase property with outstanding conservation values and own it outright. With 16 owned properties, comprised of more than 2,250 acres, there is much to care for.

Owning land is just the first step in protecting and caring for these special places. In order to be good stewards, property boundaries must be surveyed, invasive species monitored, neighbor relationships built, and impacts of human misuse addressed.

Our Special Lands Stewards volunteer program seeks to connect passionate community members with a preserved property to meet these needs and contribute to long-term conservation.  Through regular visits to their adopted property, volunteers help to prevent incompatible human use, monitor vegetation to promote native habitats, document wildlife and act as a spokesperson for McKenzie River Trusts work within the community. This volunteer opportunity requires a daylong training which is offered twice each spring. During the training, volunteers learn how to prepare for a safe site visit, read and interpret baseline reports and property management plans, utilize technology to map observations and collect data, identify key habitat characteristics, keep records and report findings, and learn about ecosystem management from experts in the field.