Green Island and CARP Restoration Tour

Sat 08/26/2017

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Green Island


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Guide: Christer LaBrecque- MRT Restoration Projects Manager

Come out to Green Island and visit an area where we’ve given the river room to move and supported renewal of the floodplain forest by planting over 300,000 trees. Christer LaBrecque, Restoration Projects Manager with MRT, will tell us all about this 1,200-acre property and the ongoing landscape scale restoration work. This tour will incorporate a general tour of the tree planting efforts and earth moving actions taken to restore floodplain connectivity and forests on the property. The tour will also visit the Coburg Aggregate Reclamation Project (CARP)- a 56-acre parcel purchased by MRT in 2010 containing a set of old gravel extraction pits adjacent to the main Green Island property. Since purchasing the property, MRT worked to extensively restore the gravel pits to re-create a more natural side channel network designed to benefit native fish, birds, amphibians, and other animals. With the restoration completed in 2014, the CARP site now provides a key refuge for fish off of the river's main-stem during high water events, a stopover point for migrating waterfowl, and a home for a family of river otters. Join us as we visit these large-scale restoration projects and discuss the great public and ecological benefits provided by this type of work.

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• Green Island is located just 15 minutes from downtown Eugene or Springfield - click here for details.