Bird Tour of Waite Ranch

Sat 05/23/2020

8:30 am - 11:00 am

Waite Ranch


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Spotted Sandpiper - Waite Ranch

Join Jim Regali, MRT Board member and birder, for a tour at Waite Ranch.  To date, 133 bird species have been counted at this conservation site!

About Waite Ranch:
Waite Ranch is about 3 miles from Florence, just east of the Cushman Bridge between Hwy. 126 and the Siuslaw River. Historically, the property was a tidal estuary made up of mudflats, marsh, tidal swamp, riparian forest, and possibly crabapple swamp (the rarest of estuarine plant communities). The property was homesteaded around the turn of the century when it was diked. It then became a dairy farm.

In 2010, McKenzie River Trust (MRT) bought the Waite property. MRT's intention is to restore it to its historic ecological state as a tidal wetland by re-establishing full tidal exchange to the property. The McKenzie River Trust has partnered with the Siuslaw Watershed Council to manage Waite Ranch's restoration.

Registration opens one month before tour.