Beaver Believers Monitoring Training

Sat 06/08/2019

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Green Island


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Join our team of conservation enthusiasts! You’ll learn new skills, make new friends and contribute to a core of community efforts document beaver activity to help protect and care for clean water, abundant fish and wildlife, and diverse natural resources!

The Beaver Believers monitoring program seeks to document and record beaver activity in the Upper Willamette watershed to help scientist better understand the benefits of beaver on local aquatic systems.

For this training, we will meet in the outdoor classroom to share the tools and skills you will need to contribute to local citizen science efforts to map beavers in the Upper Willamette Watershed. Beginning the training with a presentation of the natural history of the beaver, we'll introduce you to new skills in identifying signs of beaver activity. Next, we'll get out into the field to practice monitoring protocols, identifying real signs of beaver activity and utilizing technology to document what we see.

Who is this training for?

Anyone interested in learning more about beavers and their role in our local ecosystem. This is a great training for people of all ages, families of all configurations, students and those with an inclination toward exploring Oregon's outdoors!

What happens after the training? 

There is no volunteer requirement for participating in our beaver monitoring training. However, McKenzie River Trust and other local partners will offer organized survey trips for trained Beaver Believers throughout the summer, as well as technology options for you to track beaver signs on your own time.