Our Business Supporters

At the McKenzie River Trust, we believe that the health of our local economy is reflected in the health of the natural landscapes that surround us. By signing on as a McKenzie River Trust business supporter, the businesses listed below are investing in the abundant fish and wildlife, clean drinking water, and fertile lands that define our communities in western Oregon.

Help us thank our business supporters for valuing the protected landscapes that make western Oregon a wonderful place to live and do business!

For more information about our Business Supporter Program and to get involved, contact Brandi Crawford Ferguson, Donor Relations Manager, at 541-345-2799 or by email.

Business Conservation Champions – $20,000+ annual gift

    "Whether you want to admit it or not, wild fish, free flowing rivers, and pristine waters chock full of invertebrates is what defines the character of that curious specimen called the Oregonian. Our cultural heritage would be amiss without the rapture and delight that pure rivers provide and thankfully we have organizations like the McKenzie River Trust to protect this cultural heritage born of water, rock, and fish."

    -Shawn Donnille, Co-owner and Vice President of Mountain Rose Herbs

    "So Delicious Dairy Free is a passionate supporter of the McKenzie River Trust and their work to protect and care for the special lands and rivers of the South Willamette Valley. We directly benefit from the pure water of the McKenzie River watershed at our Springfield manufacturing operations, and we want to do our part to preserve and enhance this incredible natural resource for future generations."

    -Hansel New, Sustainability Manager of So Delicious Dairy Free

Business Conservation Investors – $5,000 to $9,999 annual gift

    "Clean pure water is not only great for beer, it is essential for life! We are fortunate to have such a great source of pure water to support our community, and such a dedicated group working every day to improve and preserve it now and into the future."

    -Nikos Ridge, Co-founder and President of Ninkasi Brewing

    "Preserving and improving clean water and fish habitats is critical to angler and outdoor enthusiasts’ enjoyment. The McKenzie River Trust’s work is invaluable to protecting and promoting our most treasured resources."

    -Chris Daughters, owner of The Caddis Fly Angling Shop

    "Without the highest quality ingredients, we cannot achieve our mission to brew the highest quality beer while providing exceptional service to our customers. That’s why we wanted to protect our brewing water source. We started the 1% for Watersheds program in 2013, donating 1% of sales of Watershed IPA in the Southern Willamette Valley to the McKenzie River Trust. Clean water is essential to the brewing process, and the McKenzie River Trust protects that resource."

    -Jeff Althouse, founder of Oakshire Brewing

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Sustaining Business Partners – $2,500 to $4,999 annual gift

Business Partners – $1,000 to $2,499 annual gift

Business Supporters – $500 to $999 annual gift

    Capella Market
    Charles Schwab
    The Engine Company
    Full City Coffee Roasters
    MPulse Maintenance Software
    Pacific Continental Bank
    The Sheehan Family Companies
    Technology Association of Oregon
    Trout Mountain Forestry