Guided Walks

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Get to know Green Island by joining a free, informative walk guided by a local nature expert or McKenzie River Trust staff member. Guided tours will meet near the registration booth.

Walk details are listed below.

7:30 & 8:00am: Bird Walks

Green Island provides habitat for over 150 species of birds. Join bird experts Dennis Arendt, Jim Regali, Susanne Twight-Alexander and Kit Larsen for early morning bird walks to see some of the property’s inhabitants. Bring your binoculars! 90 minutes

9 to 10:30am: Green Island Conservation Tour

Explore this 1,100-acre property with McKenzie River Trust Executive Director Joe Moll. From planting more than 100,000 trees to removing levees to constructing new habitat for fish and wildlife, Green Island has been a hub of restoration work since 2005. This tour will help you understand the conservation value of Green Island and the rivers that surround it.

10:00 to 11:00am: RaptorViews Demonstration

Join Philip Bayles at CARP for a demonstration of his RaptorViews airplane, a radio controlled aerial photography operation. RaptorViews gives us unique perspectives on the landscape that we share: the world the way it appears to the hawks and eagles. Philip has undertaken well over 500 flights, and given many hundreds of images to several dozen agencies involved in conservation, preservation and restoration projects. **Meet at CARP

11:30am to 1:00pm: Coburg Aggregate Reclamation Project

In 2014, the Coburg Aggregate Reclamation Project (CARP) on the south side of Green Island saw a massive transformation from gravel pits to fish and wildlife habitat. Why did we do it? And how? Join Christer LaBrecque, MRT Restoration Projects Manager for an in-depth tour of CARP.

1:00 to 2:30pm: Interpretive Tour of Green Island

Explore the history and restoration of Green Island as you walk to the main stem of the Willamette River with Brandi Crawford Ferguson, MRT Donor Relations Manager.

2:00 to 3:30pm: Mammals of Green Island Walk

Join naturalist Dave Walp on this tour of Green Island to learn about some of the hairy creatures that call this special place home.

3:00 to 4:30pm: Reptiles and Amphibians Walk

All about turtles, snakes, newts, and frogs! Tom Titus will guide this exploration of scaly, slinky, cold-blooded creatures that live all over Green Island.


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