Guided Walks

Get to know Green Island by joining a free, informative walk guided by a local nature expert or McKenzie River Trust staff member. Some walks will have a limit of 15 people to ensure a great experience for everyone. Simply sign up for your preferred walk when you arrive at the event by visiting the information booth near the entrance. Gather for walks at the info booth 15 minutes prior to start time.

7:15 & 7:45am: Bird Walks

Green Island provides habitat for over 150 species of birds. Join bird experts Dennis Arendt, Jim Regali, and Kit Larsen for early morning bird walks to see some of the property’s inhabitants. Bring your binoculars!

9 to 10am: Green Island Conservation Tour

Explore this 1,100-acre property with McKenzie River Trust Executive Director Joe Moll. From planting more than 100,000 trees to removing levees to constructing new habitat for fish and wildlife, Green Island has been a hub of restoration work since 2005. This tour will help you understand the conservation value of Green Island and the rivers that surround it.

10 to 11:30am and 2 to 3:30pm: Coburg Aggregate Reclamation Project

In 2014, the Coburg Aggregate Reclamation Project (CARP) on the south side of Green Island saw a massive transformation from gravel pits to fish and wildlife habitat. Why did we do it? And how? Join McKenzie River Trust staff for an in-depth tour of CARP.

11:30am to 1pm: Native Plants and Pollinators

Explore the nature and ecology of Green Island with naturalists Peg Boulay and Bruce Newhouse. Wildflowers and trees, birds and bees, the interaction of these — and anything else you please!

1 to 3pm: Dragonflies and Damselflies

Birds aren’t the only winged beauties on Green Island. Learn about these beautiful bugs when you borrow a net and catch dragonflies & damselflies with odonate expert Cary Kerst in the pond near the low water crossing.

1 to 2:30pm: Beers Made by Walking Tour

Beers Made By Walking is a program that invites brewers to make beer inspired by nature hikes. This hike, guided by ecologist Jenny Getty and homebrewer/beer steward Aaron Brussat, will focus on the edible and medicinal plants found on Green Island. Brewers from Agrarian Ales, Falling Sky, Ninkasi and Oakshire Brewing will join for the exploration. Inspired by the walk, the brewers will each create a beer that will serve as drinkable, landscape portraits of the lands and rivers protected by the McKenzie River Trust in the Willamette Valley. This is the third of three Beers Made By Walking hikes hosted by MRT this summer. Click here for more details.

3 to 4pm: Mammal Walk

Did you enjoy the touch & feel mammal table at The Hub? Dive deep into Green Island’s hairy critters on this walk with naturalist Dave Walp.

4 to 5pm: Reptiles and Amphibians Walk

All about turtles, snakes, newts, and frogs! Tom Titus will guide this exploration of scaly, slinky, cold-blooded creatures that live all over Green Island.

Hay Rides

30 minute rides at 10:15am, 11:30am, 1pm, and 2pm

This year we’re again offering an option to see Green Island without a long walk. Take a hay ride to visit the north island. Space is limited. Sign up at the tractor parked where the Nature Trail and North Loop Trail meet. More details available at the Info Booth.

The hay rides will pause near the North gravel bar where families can walk to a river overlook.

8am to 12pm: Family Art Activity

At the North gravel bar river overlook, kids of all ages are invited to participate in an art activity led by Oregon Master Naturalist Diane Lang. Create your own take-home map of the Living River at Green Island that includes your favorite plants, animals, and experiences of the day.

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